An empty space where your bike should be is not a sight any rider likes to see. To prevent your bike from being stolen, having the right lock is essential. And it needs to not only secure our bike but also the accessories i.e. your saddle, wheels and basket, so those can’t be easily removed by thieves either.

How to Choose Your Bike Lock
  • How to Choose Your Bike Lock
    How to Choose Your Bike Lock

There are four types of bike locks: cable locks, folding locks (segments), chains and D-locks, and two main criteria to consider when choosing your bike lock: the level of security (actual or perceived) and the fastening system.

Then, you should think about how easy it needs to be to transport, how long you need it to be and flexibility.


B’TWIN and the CNPP, an independent laboratory, have devised a test for assessing how secure a bike lock is in real-life situations, on a scale from 1 to 10.


Bike locks with a score of between 1 and 4 are recommended for securing your accessories (helmet, basket, saddle, wheel), and bike locks that score 5 or more are suitable for locking up your bike.

The higher the score, the better resistance the keyhole will have to lock picking and the better the body will withstand attacks by expert thieves with increasingly sophisticated tools.

But remember, no bike lock is unbreakable. Instead, they are intended to dissuade potential thieves from trying to steal your bike.


The differences between bike locks should not be taken lightly. They are not all designed in the same way, which is why they have different levels of protection.


Light, compact locks that are easy to carry. They are designed for securing your bike accessories (bag, basket, saddle, helmet, etc.) but aren't enough for your bike itself.


Folding locks are more resistant, compact and easy to transport, with a higher level of security than cable locks.


Chain locks come with links of all shapes and sizes and different levels of security, allowing you to easily lock your bike to a fixed point, lock several bikes together, or attach your bike to its wheel. They also come in different lengths to suit your needs (locking several bikes together, for example).


The go-to, high-security deterrent. They come in different sizes and are used to attach one or several bikes to a fixed point. They offer the same level of security as a chain, but are lighter and can be mounted on your bike.


Cycling Specialist

I strongly recommend locking your bike to a fixed point (street furniture) through its frame, avoiding the lock touching the ground if possible (on the ground it is more vulnerable to being struck by a hammer or mallet).

If the size permits, your bike lock can also secure your rear and/or front wheel.

Locks for accessories should at the very least hold these items to the bike's frame.

They are not designed for locking up the bike itself.


Lastly, a combination of several different locks will make your bike even more secure.


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