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How to choose the best golf balls
Golf balls come in many different versions so it can be difficult to choose the best golf ball for your game. Whether you’re looking for the best golf balls for beginners or you’re a seasoned regular, we hope that we can help you decide which ball will help you reduce your golf scores this year.
Did you know that you don’t have to leave the UK to have your own awesome pavé experience. Right across the UK are epic cobbled climbs to test yourself on.
Children Rock Climbing shoes
Having two energetic young boys, I was so chuffed when they both became excited about climbing. We visit our local climbing walls, The Mini Climbing Works and Awesome Walls most weeks and the boys soon became confident in getting to the top of the 'big' walls.
Stretching is an essential part of football and a topic widely debated by footballers. Everyone has their own habits and beliefs! As a result, many popular misconceptions have arisen, which we'll now attempt to clear up by focusing on one question: WHEN should you stretch?
Beginners Rock Climbing Shoe
I was keen to test out the Simond Rock shoes for rubber stickiness and comfort. I'd seen them in use regularly by climbers around the Climbing Works in Sheffield and for the price (£29.99!) thought they would be a great deal if they were even half-decent. I'm used to doing indoor circuits in Sportiva Miura's, try to climb hard steep things in Scarpa Boostic's and choose my (too small) Five Ten Anasazi's for slopey grit problems. ​​ First up I tested them on some well used volumes on the indoor comp wall. My first heel slipped off but after some more precise foot placement I found I could top out a number of problems, including using some good, strong heel hooks. I wasn't as trusting as I could've been just because I wasn't confident of their stickiness but if I went back I'm sure I'd do it again. Some of these problems included tiny, slopey foot holds on the side of volumes on the steeper section and with a bit of intent foot pushing, to my surprise I began to trust them. Foot swapping proved to be a little tricky as they have quite a rounded toe which I'm not used to, but not impossible. I spent the next hour doing the curcuits in them and found them to be as comfortable as slippers! ​ When the next sunny, dryish day came along, I took them out to boulder on some grit. I had wanted to take them up to Mark's Roof to test the heel hooking and performance on steep boulders but the rock was dripping wet so we headed for the Burbage valley suntrap. They were pretty sticky on a number of low-grade slab problems and I trusted them as much as I'd trust my Miura's. I tried a number of heel-toe jams on a few steeper problems and I found them to actually perform quite well. I'm gonna stick by my theory that if you're a good climber you can climb well in anything, because as a 'beginners shoe', I was surprised by their technical abilities. ​​ So, to break it down.. Comfort: These shoes are not designed to fit too tight. I chose a size bigger than my usual EU climbing shoe size and wore socks inside for extra comfort and warmth. They are well adjustable with the laces, easy to get nice and snug fitting, though the toe box is on the large side for my skinny feet. I could wear them comfortably for hours. Edging: Pretty stiff solid edges on the shoe, held me well on tiny edges. Smearing: Not the softest shoe but enough flexibility to move and grip. Totally flat sole. Heel hooking: Brilliant. Loads of well shaped rubber that gets a good, solid hold. Toe hooking: Basic as the rubber is limited. Rubber stickiness: The soles are made of a resin-rubber, definitely not as sticky as some rubber but stuck to grit better than steep indoor holds - which was possible with determination (good core work-out too!) All together, I think for their price these rock shoes are pretty decent. I'll definitely be using them for indoor circuits and training. I'll take them to Fontainebleau next month and challenge them (and my own skills) with the red & black circuits. I would recommend them to beginner climbers - indoor and out, and as a comfortable training shoe for advanced climbers.
Aside from any differences in ability, runners should seek to enjoy themselves when they practice their sport. What's more, exploring every avenue for avoiding the monotony of running will not have a detrimental effect on the objective of making progress. Some tips will help you in this area…
The face down dog position of Adho Mukha Svanasana is a yoga classic. It's a complete position that links up many asanas. It refers to a dog stretching out with his front legs.
The Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskara is an essential element of practising yoga. This routine is an integral part of the traditional Hatha yoga and works out your entire body.