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Yoga is one of those hidden treasures that make up part of the daily routines of thousands of people throughout the world. Since it first appeared in the Indus Valley, almost 5000 years ago, it has constantly been spawning new disciplines. Nowadays there is an impressive range of different methods. There's bound to be a type of yoga that's just your cup of tea!
Developed in the 1980's, facial yoga is as far from yoga as one could imagine. A sort of facial gymnastics, it is very good against skin ageing, since it allows you to tone your skin by working on a great number of muscles. Follow the guide for skin that is firmer and full of vitality!
There are 3 criteria that determine your choice of waterproof jacket: the level of waterproofing, the outside temperature and the intensity of your exercise.
Whether you're a beginner or an expert mechanic, you’ll need to carry out maintenance from time to time in order to keep your bike in good, safe working order for as long as possible.
Ski goggles are an important part of your ski gear and provide essential protection for your eyes in some of the most extreme conditions.
First and foremost, your snowboard boots need to be comfortable and secure. And they need to work with your type of snowboard and ability level.
Try a freestyle board, if you’ve got a little experience and are keen to learn tricks. Then, much like with skis, you’ll need to choose the right flex, length and width for you...
Which climbing shoes are the best is a very personal choice. As all peoples foot shapes are different you need to take into account the arch type, comparative length of toes, width of foot, angle of the heel, what level they climb at, whether the person likes climbing with socks, if someone climbs indoor or outdoor, what type of rock, their preferred climbing style and whether or not they take their shoes off after each route. As you can see when it comes to what climbing shoe is best the answer is whats best for each climber. This is why Simond create a number of different climbing shoes at each level, with different fits and different properties to cater to all types and abilities of climber.
Climbing shoes are not strictly necessary but not wearing them will hinder you ability to climb. Climbing shoes a very different to any other shoes. They are made to provide extra grip onto rock surfaces, not just of the soles but on the edges, heel and toe of the foot is well. Climbing shoes also fit very differently to other footwear as they a made to have no extra space around your foot which allows you to get more power from you entire foot while allowing you to 'feel' the rock beneath you. In contrast to climbing shoes regular shoes don't do any of the above, if they did they would be very painful to walk around on day to day.
The best climbing shoes for beginners are ones that are flat soled and not very asymmetrical. This is because climbing shoes that are cambered and very asymmetrical can become very uncomfortable as they force the foot into a different position; this provides better precision and power but only if the technique is good. Beginner climbers who aren't use to the feel of climbing shoes and will be using larger holds won't get any benefit from a more advanced shoe and possibly find them painful.