Yoga & Pilates

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Continually learning and improving is in the spirit of the practice, so whether you’re just starting out on your yoga journey or are a card-carrying asana-holic, we’re sure you’ll love our tips for making the most of your session…
The face down dog position of Adho Mukha Svanasana is a yoga classic. It's a complete position that links up many asanas. It refers to a dog stretching out with his front legs.
The Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskara is an essential element of practising yoga. This routine is an integral part of the traditional Hatha yoga and works out your entire body.
Yoga is one of those hidden treasures that make up part of the daily routines of thousands of people throughout the world. Since it first appeared in the Indus Valley, almost 5000 years ago, it has constantly been spawning new disciplines. Nowadays there is an impressive range of different methods. There's bound to be a type of yoga that's just your cup of tea!
Developed in the 1980's, facial yoga is as far from yoga as one could imagine. A sort of facial gymnastics, it is very good against skin ageing, since it allows you to tone your skin by working on a great number of muscles. Follow the guide for skin that is firmer and full of vitality!
Most of us want to be able to fit in more exercise, either slim down, tone up or get stronger, and alleviate niggling back, shoulder or ankle pains that have gone unresolved for too long.