Best Mens' Walking Boots

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Regular walkers and hiking enthusiasts will know that good walking boots are one of the best investments you’ll ever make. Blisters, cuts and sore feet are all on the horizon if you opt for the cheapest option and you could have to deal with a much worse injury if you don’t do your walking boot research for trips to tough terrain. Whether you’re mountaineering, trekking or rambling, here’s a few things your new Mens' Walking Boots should have…

A secure fit

Good walking boots have caged lacing, which is flexible enough to move with your foot. Double-hook fastenings also help to make sure your boots are secure. Size-wise, sometimes your normal shoe size doesn’t translate into walking boots – you may find you need to go up with some styles as they’re designed to hug the foot so securely, and sometimes you might find your chosen design is better suited to wider or more narrow feet than yours. It’s best to try a couple of sizes until you get to know a brand.

Lightweight construction

The last thing you want on a long hike is extra weight, so make sure your walking boots don’t feel like they’re dragging your ankles down. We handpick all our walking boots, so you can rest assured if you shop with us, your chosen style will be as light as a feather. Well, almost.


Ventilated panels and breathable membranes are a must for any serious walker.

Grained leather or Gore-Tex

It is possible to find the perfect balance between lightweight and durable and grained leather and Gore-Tex are the best materials to look out for if you need both.

EVA or PU mid soles

In a nutshell, this means the bit under your foot is cushioned for comfort but also guarantees a bouncy tread, which will help inject energy into every step.

Good traction

We strongly recommend you choose a pair of walking boots designed specifically for your chosen terrain; some designs are better for roads while others are good on rocky mountains or slippery ground. Wherever you’re destined for, you’ll need good traction so the soles of your shoes grip properly and prevent you from falling.


If you know you’ll be hiking in the rain or trekking across streams, waterproof walking boots are essential. Not only will boots without waterproofing lead to discomfort, they also won’t last very long.

With that in mind, here are some of the best walking boots on the market for men right now:

Mens' Walking Boots Quechua Forclaz 500 High Men's Waterproof Walking Boots

If you are looking for:

Long treks on the road and wet conditions, the Quechua Forclaz 500 High Men's Waterproof Walking Boots are made for you!

If you are looking for:

Long walks in the mountains or on rough terrain, even in wet conditions, you need adequate shoes. Providing supreme ankle support on rugged mountain treks, the Renegade Mens' Waterproof Running Shoes will be a perfect fit.

Mens' Walking Boots
Lowa Renegade Men's Waterproof Walking Boots

If you are looking for:

Longer trails – up to a week – on rocky and slippery ground, the Salomon Quest Mens' Waterproof Walking Shoes would be a wise choice.

Salomon Quest Men's Waterproof Walking Shoes

If you are looking for:

Walking boots with an accurate, rigid sole and great grip, you should definitely go for the Meindl Vakuum MFS GTX.

Meindl Vakuum MFS GTX

For More Information

Summer is coming! To fully enjoy your Hiking or Walking trips, make sure you are fully prepared by checking our Walking Boots range!

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