What Are The Best Kids’ Hiking Backpacks?

Make hiking a family affair this summer with the help of our handy guide to the best kids’ hiking backpacks!

A good hiking backpack should be lightweight, durable, practical and comfortable, and a good kids’ hiking backpack should tick those boxes, plus a few more.

Anything designed for a child needs to fit properly and be safe, which is why the main difference between a hiking bag for an adult and a hiking bag for a child is that the latter has smaller, adjustable harnesses and sometimes a hip belt to help distribute weight better.

From easy hikes with the family right through to school camping trips in later years, they’ll also need a quality backpack with cooling properties to ensure they don’t overheat in the summer months or on tougher treks.

Plenty of compartments, including somewhere to keep emergency cash, a phone and a torch should be priorities too.

Last but not least, younger campers will probablybe more enthused about donning their own bag if it looks good – we’re thinking cool colour-pop panels, secret pockets and vivid linings.

Armed with that checklist, here’s our top three picks:

Quechua Forclaz 40l Hiking Backpack for Kids

Available in teal and pink, this style is best for ages 12 to 16 and short hikes that last 2 days or less. It’s super lightweight and is one of our most popular backpack styles for kids. The back and straps are padded and it has a belt for extra stability and security.

Quechua Forclaz 50l Easyfit Backpack for Kids

This kids’ backpack is ideal for ages 11 to 14 and will suit short camping trips. It comes with an easy-fit system, which means the back, shoulder straps and chest strap can be adjusted with just one touch. This is an easy-to-navigate design with an opening at the base– perfect for kids who are known to empty the entire contents of their bag onto the floor, rummaging through for something that’s most likely right at the bottom…

Quechua Forclaz 22l Air Hiking Backpack for Kids

For mountain hikes and changeable weather, the Quechua’s Air design is perfect. It’s well suited to warm temperatures and has a built-in rain cover to protect it during downpours. An AirCooling label ensures your child or teen stays cool on long climbs, and it has lots of different compartments for essentials.

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